See Me Hear Me is a visual storytelling about survivors of sexual violence inflicted on them during the 1998/1999 Kosovo war.

These survivors have suffered in silence for almost 24 years, living in secret and trapped in the trauma. The war has never stopped for them and is still present in all its facets even today.

After intensive research and networking, I received tremendous support from various women’s organizations, which ultimately allowed me to reach six survivors. I collected their personal stories, portrayed them anonymously and bundled them in a book. It tells a fictional visual story in which I translate their personal feelings, you enter their inner world where the memories are hidden in the darkest rooms of their soul.

Sexual violence in war is a crime against humanity and must be stopped. With this work I hope to raise awareness for this violence, but above all I want to shine the light on these survivors. They are the bravest people I have ever met.

Here is a selection of the work.