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Photography has played a major role my entire life, but for the past 4 years it has been part of my daily life and I am a professional photographer.
I graduated from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in December 2022. I’m a broadly oriented photographer with an affinity for women’s themes. I look for and tell ‘stories’ that are underexposed and do this through visual storytelling, portrait and reportage.

I have a social (work) background and combine this with photography. I am not a documentary photographer, but I do work as a documentary maker. I observe, analyze and research.

I think it is important to stay close to the person/subject as well as to myself. It often results in intimate, raw, poetic and layered images in which authenticity is paramount.

I prefer working in black and white, this is where I can express my feelings the most. By removing color the emphasis is much more on contrast and form, but also on emotion; it comes closest to how I experience life.

I am open to all types of (work) collaborations, email or app me if you are up for a coffee!